Undergraduate Courses Currently Taught

ELG4116 Microwave and Optical Transmission Media

Review of distributed circuit theory. ABCD and scattering parameters. The equivalent circuit description of lumped and distributed circuit components, and of discontinuities and junctions in waveguiding structures. Review of Maxwell's equations, Poynting's theorem and boundary conditions. Plane waves at a single dielectric interface. Plane waves incident on a dielectric stack (bandgap structures, Bragg reflectors). Rectangular and circular metallic waveguides. Dielectric slab waveguides and introduction to integrated optics. Resonators. Optical fibers and fiber devices.

ELG4114 Antennas and Propagation

Antenna fundamentals. Radiation integrals. Dipole and loop antennas. Microstrip antennas. Source equivalence principles. Aperture antennas. Reflector antennas. Array antennas. Antenna measurements. Introduction to the use of computational electromagnetics in antenna analysis & design. Modelling of wave propagation.

Graduate Courses Currently Taught

ELG7100B Topics in Electromagnetics I: Finite Element Methods for Electromagnetic Modelling

Review of the fundamental equations of electromagnetics. Basic principles of the finite element method (FEM). FEM formulations for specific differential equations in electromagnetics. Scalar and vector finite element shape functions (expansion functions). Mesh truncation schemes. Implementation aspects. Application of the FEM to the numerical modeling of guided wave and radiation problems at microwave and millimetre-wave frequencies.

ELG7100D Topics in Electromagnetics I: The Moment Method in Engineering Electromagnetics

Review of electromagnetic theory. Green's function concepts. Surface equivalence theorem. Integral equation formulations in electromagnetic engineering. Fundamentals of the method of moments technique. Use of the moment method for the numerical solution of integral equation models. Applications to microwave circuits & antennas.