Selected recent presentations by Luigi Logrippo and associates


PDF Configuring data flows in organizations and the Internet of Things
for security and privacy. Presented at the SECREV workshop, May 2020


MKV The same presentation above, but with voice


PDF Partial orders vs. lattices for data security models. This unpublished presentation presents some facts that may be controversial on this topic.

PDF Configuring data flows in the Internet of Things for security and privacy requirements. Symposium on foundations and Practice of Security 2018 (Montreal, CDN). See PAPER.


PDF Multi-level models, directed graphs and partial orders in flow control for data secrecy and privacy. Symposium on foundations and Practice of Security 2017 (Nancy, F). See PAPER.


PDF Access control to data based on concepts of data flow history and risk. TAROT 2016 Summer School (Paris)


PDF Logical Method for Reasoning about Access Control and Data Flow Control Models. FPS2014 (Montréal). See PAPER


PDF Conformance to Legal Requirements: The last frontier for privacy research. Keynote presentation to PST2012 (Paris).


PDF CatBAC: A Generic Framework for Designing and Validating Hybrid Access Control Models (Presented at SFCS 2012, IEEE International Workshop on Security and Forensics in Communication Systems)


PDF From e-business to e-laws and e-judgments: 4,000 years of experience (Presented at Cyberlaws 2011, Gosier, Gauadeloupe, Feb 2011)


PDF Requirements and Compliance in Legal Systems: a logic approach by L. Logrippo, W.Hassan (Presented at RELAW-08, Barcelona, Sept. 2008)


PDF Conflict Detection in Call Control Using First-order Logic Model Checking by A.Layouni, L.Logrippo, K. Turner (presented at ICFI-07. Grenoble (France), September)


PDF An agent-based architecture for agent-based communications, by R. Plesa and L. Logrippo  (presented at PCAC-07, Niagara Falls, May)


PDF Programmation de services en téléphonie sur IP, par Grégory Estienne (présentation de projet de mémoire, Université du Québec en Outaouais, 10 Avril 2007)


PDF  Normative Systems: The Meeting Point between Jurisprudence and Information Technology (Jan. 2007)


PDF Applying the BDI paradigm in Communications Systems, by Romelia Plesa (Nov. 2006)


PDF Security Policy Systems and their Consistency Problems, by Kamel Adi and Luigi Logrippo (Oct. 2006)


PDF Presence Services: A Look at the Future, by Tom Gray and Luigi Logrippo (Sept. 2006)


PDF Policies and Policy Interactions in Telecom Services (Sept. 2006)


PDF Access Control Policies: Modeling and Validation, by Mahdi Mankai and Luigi Logrippo (presented at NOTERE 2005, Gatineau)