ITI1121 (summer 2015) assignment directives

All assignments in this course are subject to all the following directives.


Handing an assignment

Identify yourself clearly on everything you hand in

Always include a class called StudentInfo having a method called display. The method display prints on the standard output the following information. Make sure to call the method StudentInfo.display() from the main method of all the drivers.

The above information should also appear in all of the following places:

Example of a class header:
// Author: Tony de Peltrie
// Student number: 19850712
// Course: ITI 1121-G
// Assignment: 10
// Question: 41


A note on the marking of code

Marks for code you submit in answer to a question are based on the code's correctness and quality (which includes clarity among other things). Each part of your solution (e.g. each method) will be assessed individually, relative to the conditions and requirements stated in the questions. For most programming questions you will be given a main program that aims to draw out as many bugs as possible. But it will not usually exhaustively test each part of your solution, so getting the overall program working correctly does not mean all the individual parts work correctly in all cases. Therefore you will not automatically get full marks for correctness just because the main program produces the correct output.

Programming standards

Use Javadoc comments

Each class, method, variable must be documented.

Java coding conventions

Your Java code should follow the standard code conventions for Java, as defined at this web site: Note that this is very detailed, and in many details it differs from what was done in ITI 1120. Read it all very carefully and be sure your program conforms to its requirements.


Identifiers should be as meaningful as possible and follow these conventions:


Program structure