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Lecture Contents CSI5165 Winter 2018

Lecture slides (currently from previous years, updates may occur as we go):

  1. Introduction
  2. Generating elementary combinatorial objects
  3. Exhaustive generation and backtracking
    (Presentation on Reverse Search for Pseudo-Cliques)
  4. Heuristic search
  5. Computing Isomorphism
    Isomorph-free Exhaustive Generation

Tentative schedule (it will be updated as changes occur):
dates and tasks  Lecture Contents: textbook sections
and extra materials
Jan 11 Introduction
Generating elementary combinatorial objects.
KS: ch1, ch2
Jan 18 Generating elementary combinatorial objects. KS: ch2
Jan 25 Generating elementary combinatorial objects. KS: ch2
Feb 1 Backtracking. KS: ch4
Feb 8 Backtracking KS: ch4
Feb 15 Backtracking.
Reverse Search (still exhaustive search)
KS: ch4
Feb 18-24 Study break. -
Mar 1 Midterm/Heuristic Search KS: ch5
Mar 8 Heuristic Search KS: ch5
Mar 15 Heuristic Search KS: ch5
March 22 Computing Isomorphism KS: ch7
March 29 Computing Isomorphism KS: ch7
April 5 Isomorph-free exhaustive generation KO: ch3, ch4
April 5 or separate scheduled date. Project Presentations Presence is compulsory
to all talks.