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Lecture Contents

Chapter sections refer to the textbook by Kleinberg and Tardos (2005).
CLR refers to the book by Cormen, Leiserson and Rivest (2001)
DS refers to the book by Kreher and Stinson (1998).

Tentative schedule (it will be updated if changes occur):
dates and tasks  Lecture Contents: textbook sections
and extra materials
Jan 05 Introduction to the course
Polynomial time reductions.
Intro to NPC np.pdf (pages 1-13)
course outline
book slides: 08intractability.pdf
Jan 12 Polynomial time reductions, NP, NP-completeness Ch 8.2, 8.3
book slides: 08intractability.pdf
Jan 19 NP, NP-completeness CLR-Ch34, Ch8.3,8.4; CLR-Ch34
book slides: 08np-complete.pdf
Jan 26 Reductions: Sequencing and partitioning problems. Ch8.5,8.6
book slides: 08reductions-poly.pdf (1-26)
Feb 2 Reductions: Graph colouring, numerical problems,
partial taxonomy of hard problems.
Ch8.7,8.8, 8.10
book slides: 08reductions-poly.pdf (27-43)
Feb 9 Beyond NP (co-NP, PSPACE). Project guidelines. Ch8.9, Ch 9
Feb 16 Midterm Review. Midterm Test.
Feb 21-26 Study week.
Mar 2 (PP due) Backtracking. Slides (covered sections 1)Intro,2)All cliques,5) Bounding). DS-Ch3.
Mar 9 (A2 due) Extending the limits of tractability. Ch10 (10.1,10.2,10.3)
Mar 16 Approximation algorithms. Ch11 (11.1,11.2,11.4,11.6)
Mar 23 Midterm test 2.
Mar 30 (A3 due) Local Search. Ch12
April 8 (Project Talks?) Randomized Algorithms. Project Talks. Ch13
Background references: textbook sections
Basics of algorithmic analysis Ch2