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Policy on Missed Midterm Test

If you miss the midterm test, you will get a mark of zero unless you have informed me BEFOREHAND and I have agreed that you may miss it. You can send me an e-mail (, phone me at 562-5800 X-6678 or a friend can bring the news.

If I agree that you may miss the midterm, there will be no make-up midterm. Instead, the weight of the final exam will be increased to include the weight of the midterm. For example, if the midterm was worth 25% and the final exam 45%, the final exam will now be worth 70%.

If you inform me AFTERWARD that you were unable to write the midterm, you will get a mark of zero.

Advice: I stongly recomend that you do all that you can to not miss the midterm test, since the midterm test is a good exam practice and too much weight on the final exam puts a lot of stress towards the end of the term.

Lucia Moura