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Laboratory 1: Compiling, running and debugging C++ programs

        1. Start up Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
        2. Create a project.
        Select "Visual C++ Projects" in "Project Types".
        Select "Win32 Project" in "Templates".
        Choose a project name (as indicated in each examples).
        Choose the project location (directory). (OK.)
        Click on "Application Settings"
        Select "Console application" and "Empty project" option. (Finish.)

        3. Add files to project.
        For each file that belongs to this project, do:
            Project>Add Existing Item
            Select file (browse to select the downloaded file). (Open).
        4. Check that everything has been added.
        Click on View>Solution Explorer.
        Double click on each of its folders to check contents.
        The *.cpp files should be under "Source Files" and the *.h files should be under
        "Header Files".
        5. Compile and link all programs within the project.
        Select menu: Build>Build
        6. Run the program.
        Select menu: Debug>Start Without Debugging
        Your program will be executed and a console will pop up.