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Policy on Remarking

Before sending a remarking request, read the assignment solution, the marking grid and marking guide posted at the assignment page (the page for which you find a link under "Assignments" under the main course page.)
The marking guide explain all discounts that have been applied. Perhaps by looking at this and your comment box, you realize what was the mistake you did in your assignment and don't need to request a remarking.

Remarking will be done via filling this remarking form and sending it to the TA who marked your assignment by e-mail by the deadline.
The results of the revision will be placed under the comments for your assignment at webCT.
After that there is an opportunity of appeal to the instructor if you are not satisfied with the TA explanation. This should not exceed 1 week from the time you got the answer back from your TA.

There is a deadline for remarking requests to be recieved, usually two weeks after your assignment has been returned to you or two weeks after the marking guide has been posted, whichever is later. Exceptions to this deadline would be announced in the assignment page.

The prefered TA e-mail address for remarking requests will be announced at the web page (not webCT) for the assignment you are requesting a remark for.
To find out who marked your assignment, see the comments for your graded assignment at webCT. One of the lines of the marking grid includes the TA name.