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Policy on Remarking

  1. Read the "marking guide" for the assignment or test you'd like to be remarked: the marking criteria used for marking your assignment will be described there. Find out who (which tutor(s) or professor) marked the part(s) that need to be remarked.
  2. Print this remarking form an fill it in.
  3. Attach the filled remarking form to your assignment.
  4. Give the form and assignment to the professor (at lecture time or scheduled office hour), who will forward it to the appropriate tutor.
  5. If you are not satisfied with the tutor's remarking, you can appeal to the professor. Forward your original request (with the tutor's comments, and any additional reason for your dissatisfaction) to the professor.

Important Notes

You may not submit a remarking request later than TWO WEEKS from the day in which the assignments were returned. We will not accept remarking requests after this deadline. It's your responsibility to pick up your assignment as soon as possible.

Do not ask a tutor or the instructor to remark something in class.

Your mark can decrease if the tutor sees something that was incorrectly awarded too high a mark.