Policy on Remarking

4 steps to follow - R.E.S.A.:

  1. Review: Before sending a remarking request, read the assignment solution (and marking criteria, whenever available) posted at the course web page. The marking criteria explains the mark distribution and all discounts that have been applied. Perhaps by looking at the solution and extra information, you realize what was the mistake you did in your assignment and don't need to request a remarking.
  2. Explain: Remarking will be done in writing (containing a justification of which parts were incorrectly marked and why) and submitted to the professor before 14 days after the assignment was handed back or was available for pick up. 
  3. Submit: The remarking request will be analyzed by the TA who marked your assignment and a written reply will be returned to you. 
  4. if unsatisfied, Appeal: After that there is an opportunity of appeal to the instructor if you are not satisfied with the TA explanation. This should not exceed 1 week from the time you got the answer back from your TA.