12th Ontario Combinatorics Workshop 

May 1-2, 2003, University of Ottawa

University of Ottawa  Carleton University 

(see also: Ottawa-Carleton Discrete Math Day, May 3, 2003, Ottawa)

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The 12th Ontario Combinatorics Workshop will be hosted by the University of Ottawa and Carleton University on May 1-2, 2003, at the University of Ottawa campus. The meeting is intended to be informal; participants are encouraged to present a short talk (30 min.) on their current or future research. Graduate students, postdocs and young researchers are especially encouraged to talk in this comfortable and friendly meeting! Supervisors, please encourage your graduates students to attend and speak. There are limited support funds available for students from out of town who speak at the workshop. All areas of combinatorics and discrete mathematics are included! Opportunities for discussion and joint research will be emphasized. There is no registration fee.

There will be two invited speakers: Nick Wormald (University of Waterloo) and Sylvia Boyd (University of Ottawa). The remainder of the two days is reserved for contributed talks.

The Ottawa-Carleton Discrete Math Day will be held on Saturday May 3, 2003. Workshop participants are invited and encouraged to stay the extra day. The speakers for the Discrete Math Day include Brian Alspach (University of Regina), Bill Cunningham (University of Waterloo), Clement Lam (Concordia University) and Endre Szemeredi (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Rutgers).

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Sylvia Boyd, Jason Gao, Lucia Moura, Daniel Panario, Irwin Pressman, Mateja Sajna, Brett Stevens.

Mateja Sajna 
University of Ottawa 
(613) 562-5800 x3788 
FAX: (613) 562-5776 
Brett Stevens 
Carleton University 
(613) 520-2600 x2125 
FAX: (613) 520-3536 

This conference is supported by  The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences