Ottawa-Carleton Discrete Mathematics Day 2003

Saturday, May 3, 2003, University of Ottawa

University of Ottawa  Carleton University

(see also: 12th Ontario Combinatorics Workshop, May 1-2, 2003, Ottawa) 

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Last year's event:DMD 2002/ home page, DMD 2002/pictures.

The Ottawa-Carleton Discrete Math Day is held annually in the Spring. It location alternates between Carleton University and University of Ottawa. It is a continuation of the Carleton Discrete Math Day held since 1978 at Carleton University. The meeting format consists of 4 lectures by leading researchers covering a broad range of topics in Discrete Mathematics and presented during one day.
The objective of the meeting is to gather researchers, postdocs and graduate students in various fields of Discrete Mathematics during one weekend in order to stimulate research collaboration in this vibrant and inter-disciplinary area.

This meeting is back-to-back with the 12th Ontario Combinatorics Workshop, May 1-2, which will be held in Ottawa this year and is being organized by the same group of researchers. There will also be a related Math colloquium talk on Friday by Ram Murty on "Ramanujan Graphs".

Discrete Mathematics is a broad area involving the study of the properties, algorithms and applications of mathematical structures built on discrete objects. This year's speakers for the Discrete Mathematics Day are:

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Sylvia Boyd, Jason Gao, Lucia Moura, Daniel Panario, Irwin Pressman, Mateja Sajna, Brett Stevens.

Mateja Sajna 
University of Ottawa 
(613) 562-5800 x3788 
FAX: (613) 562-5776 
Brett Stevens 
Carleton University 
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FAX: (613) 520-3536

This conference is supported by  The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences