Finding a Customer and a Project

Comment trouver un client et un projet

Students of SEG4910/4911 are responsible for finding a customer for whom they will build a software system for their project. Here are some possible resources for finding a project.

Les étudiants suivant les cours SEG4910 et SEG4911 sont responsables de trouver un client pour lequel ils construiront un logiciel dans le cadre de leur projet. Voici quelques ressources possibles qui vous aideront à trouver un projet.  



Coop and summer employers are often a good source of projects.  Talk to them BEFORE your work term is over, if possible.

Current Customers Seeking Student Projects
If you contact these, identify yourself as a student at Ottawa University.  
State that it was I (Liam Peyton) who directed you to them.  
Make sure they understand that you are approaching them because you want to do a project as part of the required coursework for your degree.  
Especially, make sure that they understand the time frames you are working in and how much time you will be able to spend on the project.

Si vous les contactez, identifiez-vous comme étant étudiant à l’Université d’Ottawa.

Spécifiez que c’est moi (Liam Peyton) qui vous a mené à eux.

Assurez-vous qu’ils comprennent que vous les approchez car vous voulez faire un projet faisant partie de la charge de travail requise pour votre diplôme.

Assurez-vous surtout qu’ils sont conscients des délais du projet et du temps que vous pourriez y consacrer.


000)    COOP Navigator Mobile App


Throughout your time as a CO-OP student, have you ever wished there was a CO-OP Navigator mobile app?  With the vast amount of experience you’ve gained while in CO-OP and with all the hours you’ve spent using the Navigator, you surely have some ideas on what a CO-OP Navigator app could look like. Imagine if, by the end of your SEG degree, you could tell future students that you helped shape the way they use the Navigator more effectively. Well, here’s your chance to make it happen! In partnership with the CO-OP Office, you’ll be given the opportunity to plan and develop a CO-OP Navigator mobile app. From research to implementation, you’ll play a key role in creating something innovative. If creating apps excites you, and developing something useful for future CO-OP students motivates you, then this is the opportunity for you!

Contact: "Daniel Côté" <>


00)    Analytics suite for crowd booking concert website

I would like to build a suite of data analytic tools to provide insight, recommendations, and opportunities for automation in the process of booking concerts, utilizing the RedPine platform, and data which we have been accumulating for this exact purpose. We have always intended for RedPine to become a company focusing on data-analytics and higher level analysis of the industry, and this project provides an opportunity to kickstart that move. RedPine has three classes of users: Venues, Artists, and Fans; this project concerns the first two.




0)    Sense-Sensitivity App for Long Term Care homes

Mobile app needed to replace a paper-based sense-sensitivity audit process for long-term care (LTC) The audit process provides a step-by-step approach to determine how sense-sensitive the environment (sight, smell, touch, taste, hear) the environment of a specific LTC home is. Following an initial review of the LTC home's physical design and an assessment of its policies and procedures, the audit is divided into four parts: (1) Brief interviews of residents to determine perceptions of issues related to the senses, (2) Brief interviews of staff to determine perceptions of issues related to the senses, (3) Walkthrough of the environment with staff and residents to explore deficiencies in the physical environment, and (4) Food tasting with staff and residents to determine its level of taste/smell sense-sensitivity. We would like an app that will help guide LTC homes through this process and collate the information in a usable form.  Customer is a professor in the School of Nursing and Faculty of Health Sciences.

Contact: Chantal Backman (Professor) 613-562-5800 x8418 or Megan Scharf (Student) Website/Site web:


1)    Mobile Sports Team App
Former capstone team has created a startup company:  
They would be very interested in having an SEG4910 work with them creating an iOS hockey application using the Swift Programming Language (Swift 4 or newer version that will eventually be released) working with either Java or Node.js for backend development.  They already have an existing application for football (GameStrat Football on the App Store).   
Contact: Tunch Akkaya  
 2)   Cognitive Apps/Games for Assisted Living
A retired software developer and volunteer at St. Vincent’s hospital would like to have a suite of web-based mobile games built for assisted living patients who are experiencing physical or cognitive decline to help entertain and exercise cognitive skills. This could become a website that is available globally or marketed as apps on Android or Apple app store. For example: “She loves to play Scrabble but can't handle the board or tiles without someone doing it for her. I happen to have created a word game somewhat similar to Scrabble playable by a single person. She needs big buttons since it is hard for her otherwise.  You can see what I have done at  It's a work in progress so still a little buggy and yet far from having all the features I want.  But she loves it and plays it for hours every day.  I want to get her typing text so I'm working on a simple text editor enabling her to send email. I have various other ideas and there are other patients who might benefit from some things I could do, but I seem short on both time and skill.”
Contact: Tom Fortheringham   
 3)   Navigating Canada App for International Students
Build a mobile app for the website, as well as some improvements to the website.  We have previous experience working with capstone project teams and would look forward to working with another team on this project.
Contact: Janet Audu

4)      Neural Cognitive Mapping Laboratory  (2 Projects)

Please see  for details. I am a faculty member of the Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences cross appointed in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. My background is in physics and biomedical engineering and my research focuses on understanding the effects of aging on the functioning brain. To do this I use MRI imaging, mathematical and statistical modelling. I have interest and needs for computing work to assist my research.

Contact: Jason Steffener, PhD

Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences,

200 Lees, Lees Campus, Office # E-250C,


Phone: 613 562-5800 x4314


5) Telerehabilitation / Magic Mirror (2 Projects)

Magic Mirror is a framework built on raw Kinect data streams to allow building of custom applications that utilize body movement tracking in C++ using GLFW, OpenGL for rendering, and OpenCV for image processing. Applications built on top of this custom framework.include games, educational, and surgical practical applications that use computer vision and body tracking to innovate in new and exciting ways. This is a part a joint international partnership with technische universität München, and Johns Hopkins university.

Telerehabilitation – Two parties are in separate locations, and a network connection allows for two way streaming of data so a clinician can remotely interact with a patient’s rehabilitation game/assessment. This project focuses on the expansion of the framework to include networking, and will require building a robust networking library. This project also involves the creation of rehabilitation games that a patient can perform. A standalone C# application also needs to be expanded, which acts as the clinician’s portal. This C# application will eventually be expanded to include Hololens capabilities so that clinicians can visualize in 3D. Database (MySQL) interactions is also a component of this project. Furthermore, building of a vector analysis system is also part of the project, to allow for analysis and conversion of the raw joint data stream, to allow for output variables to be in accordance with biomechanical standards. This project is relatively large, and will be part of a larger team, and students can choose to tackle one or more smaller projects from this larger one.

Magic Mirror – The core Magic Mirror application also has areas requiring many improvements. This includes the building of new user interfaces, gesture-based interaction methods, or even expanding the framework in new areas where applications have not been built, such as modern games and graphics. Work in this area can also include 3D modelling and other art resources as well.

Framework involves C++, OpenGL, OpenCV, Boost(Asio, etc.), GLFW, Kinect SDK, and the standalone portal for telerehab uses:C#, UWP, MySQL.

CONTACT: Pascal Fallavollita, PhD

Asst. Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Ottawa

200 Lees Avenue Office: E250D

Tel: 613-562-5800 ext.3986



6)      Faculty of Engineering Graduate Office 
The faculty of engineering graduate office would like to work with a capstone project to build applications need to manage thesis defenses.
Contact: Philippe Jolette 
7)      Adventures in Engineering Platform 
The Engineering Outreach program needs a mobile app with Python backend to administer their programs including courses, registration, sign-in, sign-out etc.
Contact: Frank Bouchard


8)      CREATE-BEST Mobile Apps for Healthcare 
CREATE-BEST is a multi-million dollar initiative led by University of Ottawa. 
There are several opportunities to do projects with CREATE-BEST (as well as online-tutorials on mobile app development for healthcare).
Especially contact:
Hussein Al Osman 
Ed Lemaire 
Nathalie Baddour 


9)      Prof. Hanan Anis – Entrepreneurship or Multi-Displinary Projects

Prof. Anis is the EECS Professor responsible for promoting entrepreneurship in the faculty.  She can match individuals or groups with a project.  Her projects are either an entrepreneurship project in collaboration with 2-3 management students to create a start-up company, or a multi-disciplinary project with other engineering students.  If you have your own idea for such a project, she can also help find management or other engineering students to work with you.



10) Prof. Louis Trudel – Online Learning

Prof. Louis Trudel is a Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa.  He has a project if you are interested related to an EDUSCIENCES software system that allowed students to learn Physics online.

You can also contact Prof. Gilbert Arbez here in the School of Information Technology and Engineering for information.  He works with Prof. Trudel.

Contact:  Prof. Trudel Prof. Gilbert Arbez


11)  OrbitHub  Projects

OrbitHub has sponsored successful projects in the past.

Contact: and Mona Hafez


12) Wesley Clover

Wesley Clover is a major venture capital firm led by Terry Mathews (founder of Mitel, Newbridge and many other 
companies).  They have a program to encourage innovation at universities and particularly target entrepreneurial 
undergrads to help them start their own companies.  Your capstone project can be part of this program.  
Contact: Andrew Fisher, Executive Vice President Innovation,
Debbie Pinard,VP Research, 
SITE Professors
Many professors in SITE have posted projects they would like worked on.  
Visit the home page of professors you know … and also see what they have listed on the computer science project page.