Peer Group Reporting

Students will self organize into peer groups in order to work together on tracking and achieving important milestones this semester with respect to their career development.   

Peer groups should have a minimum of 5 members and a maximum of 10 members.

The purpose of the peer groups is to learn how to self-organize and support each other so that each member of the group benefits from the combined efforts of the group as a mechanism for life-long learning, professionalism, and communication.

Each group will send an email to the student coordinator for their program that is cced to all members of the group as they complete modules in order to obtain their badges. 

It can also include an update of how the group is progressing in general.

See below for an example email


To:  Systems Science Program Coordinator

From: Jane

CC: John, Mary, Paul

Subject: Fred’s Friends Peer Group Registration

Hi Flora,

Here is our report.


Peer Group Name:  FredsFriends

Date: 2019-09-06

Current Status:

We just formed our group and started to figure out what are priorities are for professional development

Last week:

Jane, John, Paul, and Mary joined the PDC and attended the Pizza Information Session.

Next week:

Jane will join the PDC.

Everyone will get connected on slack.

Everyone will share their class schedule.

Everyone will do a Career SWOT and will get one other person to give feedback.

Mary will schedule a meeting to discuss and compare notes.

Paul will document our group and individual objectives and target milestones.