Note: students are strongly recommended to write their theses in LaTeX. A uOttawa LaTeX thesis template to help you in doing so is available here.


Postdoctoral fellows

  • Flavio Rizzolo

Current students

  • Rana Awada, Ph.D.: XML Data Sharing
  • Ruiwen Chen, Ph.D.: Query Optimization Using Information Theoretic Heuristics (Co-supervised with Dr Y. Mao)
  • Jaffer Gardezi Ph.D. (Co-supervised with Dr. Leo Bertossi)
  • Fatemeh Nargesian, Ph.D. (Co-supervised with Dr. Liam Peyton)
  • Anisur Rahman, Ph.D.: "Model Management with Applications to Databases and Multimedia Content" (Co-supervised with Dr A. ElSadik)
  • Kwok Wong, M.Sc.: Topic TBD


Graduate students

  • Mehedi Masud, Ph.D.: "Update and Transaction Processing in Peer Data Sharing Systems" (OGS student -- Co-supervised with Dr Hasan Ural)[2009]
  • Zou Li, M.Sc. (OGS student): "View Selection in a Peer Datawarehousing System" [2007] -- CGI/Ottawa
  • Aminul Islam, M.Sc.: "Application of Corpus-Based Semantic Similarity and Word Segmentation to Database Schema Matching" (Co-supervised with Dr D. Inkpen) [2006] -- PhD student at U. of Ottawa
  • Jianwei Wang, M.Sc.: "Fact and Dimension Mappings in Peer Datawarehouses" [2006] -- SAP/Shangai
  • Tasmeia Youssaf, M.Sc.: "Open Service Architectures for Peer Database Management Systems" [2006] -- PhD student at U. of Oslo, Norway
  • Rohini Dutt, M.Sc. with project: "Dynamic Updating of Peer Databases" [2005] -- Nortel/Ottawa
  • Swadhin Saha, M.Sc. with project: "Updating Peer Databases" [2005]
  • Rong Tang, M.Sc. (OGS student): "Transaction Processing in Peer to Peer Multidatabase Systems" (Co-supervised with Dr S. Matwin)[2005]
  • Mehedi Masud, M.Sc.: "Expressive Query Translation in Peer Databases" [2005] -- PhD student at U. of Ottawa
  • Delwar Hossain, M.Sc.: "Querying Communities of Interest in Peer Databases" [2005] -- Protus IP Solutions/Ottawa
  • Hai Wu, M.Sc. with project: "Supporting Triggers on Columns in PostgreSQL" [2004] -- Alcatel Ottawa
  • Hung Yip, M.Sc. with project: "Supporting Triggers with Transient Tables and Values in PostgreSQL" [2004] -- Government of Canada

Undergraduate students (Honours projects)

  • Current: 1
  • Completed: 17