CSI5311 -- Distributed Databases and Transaction Processing
Winter 2015

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General Information

Professor: Iluju Kiringa (kiringa@eecs.uottawa.ca)

Office Hours: Wednesday 5:00PM - 6:00PM (Increased on rush days) in my office (SITE 5072)

Lectures: Wednesday 7:00PM - 10:00PM; VNR 221


Topics: The course will deal with both classical material and some of the advanced developments in the area of distributed database management systems. Classical topics covered include, but are not necessarily limited to: distributed DBMS architectures, distributed design, distributed query processing and optimization, and distributed transaction processing. More advanced and current topics include: peer data management, streaming data, and cloud computing.

Prerequisites: Required is a solid knowledge of relational database systems at the level of a typical undergraduate course (e.g., CSI3317 or CSI3717). Also, a course on computer networks at the undergraduate level is highly desirable.

Text book: T. Ozsu and P. Valduriez, Principles of Distributed Database Systems, 3rd edition, Springer 2011.