CSI 3130 -- Course Notes

The notes are copyrighted. They are an adapted and largely modified personal version of Ramakrishnan and Gehrke's original notes; therefore they are intended for your private use and should not be redistributed in any form whatsoever.

To print these notes in a 4-on-one-page format, do the following: point the mouse on the open slides and click on the right mouse button; go to the print menu; in the menu "Print what", choose "handouts", then set the "Slides per page" value to 4; finally, hit the "ok" button.

  1. Query Evaluation (RG Chap 12-15)
  2. Transaction Processing (RG Chap 16; Sections of Chap 17,18)
  3. Parallel Databases (Sections of Chap 22, 22.1-22.5)
  4. Distributed Databases (Sections of Chap 22, 22.6-22.14)
  5. Data Warehousing (RG Chap 25, 25.1-25.7)
  6. Data Warehousing (Cont'd) (RG Chap 25, 25.8-25.10)