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Distributed Computing Research Group

The research of our group focuses on the design of distributed algorithms and, in general, on fundamental aspects of computing in distributed environments. Some topics of interests are, for example: distributed algorithms for agent-based environments; peer-to-peer computing; sense of direction and structural information in distributed systems; position based, energy efficient routing and broadcasting in wireless, ad hoc, and sensor networks; fault tolerant computing, ...


Some Projects

  • Location of malicious hosts (black holes) in distributed mobile environments (Stefan Dobrev and Paola Flocchini);
  • Peer-to-peer computing (Paola Flocchini, Amiya Nayak);
  • Coordination and control of distributed robots in the plane (Paola Flocchini);
  • Sense of direction (Paola Flocchini);
  • Bluetooth scatternet formation for medium access in personal area networks and ubiquitous wireless access to Internet (Ivan Stojmenovic);
  • Channel assignment, connection rerouting, and location management in cellular networks (Ivan Stojmenovic);
  • Protocol derivation from service specifications (Gregor Bochmann);
  • Catastrophic fault patterns (Amiya Nayak);
  • Dynamic Monopolies (Paola Flocchini);
  • TDMA broadcast scheduling and data broadcast in asymmetric networks (Ivan Stojmenovic);
  • Distributed multicast routing (Hasan Ural);
  • Verification of distributed systems (Hasan Ural)
  • Controllability and observability problems in distributed testing (Hasan Ural);