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CSI4900 Honours Project - Fall 2023



A. Choosing Your Project

Please read this page carefully and follow these steps to choose and register your project:
  1. The projects page is there to help you to select a project. Professors continue to update their project pages, so keep checking for updates. You can also propose your own project, but you must find a professor to supervise your work.
  2. Contact the professor and if you and the professor agree to work together, proceed to the next step else go back to 1.
  3. Then you must register your project. Project registration is available on Brightspace about one month before the term starts.

Projects must be done in teams of 1-3 people. When you register a project, you are committed to complete that project. If there are any problems please contact me by email. Once you choose a project, mention your project title in any correspondence regarding CSI4900.

B. Project Reports

C. Presentations

D. Marking scheme

Your supervisor will evaluate your project and give you your mark accordingly. Your project presentation will (possibly) modify your mark in the following way:

A talk is said to be satisfactory if:

An assigned CSI professor will be the one who will classify your talk. From previous year results, it is expected that about 20% of the presentations will be judged superior and about 20% of the presentations will be judged not satisfactory but this, of course, can change...

Prof. Paola Flocchini

e-mail: paola.flocchini@uottawa.ca