Dubois Anaglyph

Eric Dubois

dubois_anaglyph_logo In 2001, I wrote an ICASSP paper on using least-squares projection in XYZ color coordinates to optimize an analglyph image for a given display and given glasses. This method has been incorporated in a number of software products for producing anaglyphs, often called Dubois Anaglyph (for red-cyan glasses). However, it is equally well applicable to red-cyan, green-magenta and yellow (or amber)-blue glasses. This page collects some information I have on this method. Some stereoscopic images I made can be found on my Flickr site: red-cyan, green-magenta, amber-blue.

Red-Cyan Amber-Blue (ColorCode 3-D) Green-Magenta (TrioScopics3D)
red-cyan star polyhedron amber-blue star polyhedron green-magenta star polyhedron

Some further examples and many other interesting topics on stereoscopy can be found on the Stereoscopic Gallery of the Art Director's Club of New Jersey (ADCNJ).

Documents describing the Dubois Anaglyph algorithm

Software tools that implement the least-squares projection technique under the name Dubois Anaglyph or similar names (partial list)

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