Oral presentations:


Emotion Analysis Using Latent Affective Folding and Embedding

Jerome Bellegarda


Emotion Detection in Email Customer Care

Narendra Gupta, Mazin Gilbert and Giuseppe Di Fabbrizio


Toward Plot Units: Automatic Affect State Analysis

Amit Goyal, Ellen Riloff, Hal Daume III and Nathan Gilbert


Emotions Evoked by Common Words and Phrases: Using Mechanical Turk to Create an Emotion Lexicon

Saif Mohammad and Peter Turney


A Corpus-based Method for Extracting Paraphrases of Emotion Terms

Fazel Keshtkar and Diana Inkpen


A Text-driven Rule-based System for Emotion Cause Detection

 Sophia Yat Mei Lee, Ying Chen and Chu-Ren Huang


Wishful Thinking - Finding suggestions and 'buy' wishes from product reviews

Ramanand J, Krishna Bhavsar and Niranjan Pedanekar


Evaluation of Unsupervised Emotion Models to Textual Affect Recognition

Sunghwan Mac Kim, Alessandro Valitutti and Rafael A. Calvo



Poster presentations:


Emotional Perception of Fairy Tales: Achieving Agreement in Emotion Annotation of Text

Ekaterina P. Volkova, Betty Mohler, Detmar Meurers, Dale Gerdemann and Heinrich H. Bülthoff


Experiments on Summary-based Opinion Classification

Elena Lloret, Horacio Saggion and Manuel Palomar


NewsViz: Emotional Visualisation of News Stories

Eva Hanser and Paul Mc Kevitt


Identifying Emotions, Intentions, and Attitudes in Text Using a Game with a Purpose

Lisa Pearl and Mark Steyvers


@AM: Textual Attitude Analysis Model

 Alena Neviarouskaya, Helmut Prendinger and Mitsuru Ishizuka


Improving Emotion Recognition from Text with Fractionation Training

 Ye Wu and Fuji Ren


Hierarchical versus Flat Classification of Emotions in Text

Diman Ghazi, Diana Inkpen and Stan Szpakowicz


Generating Shifting Sentiment for a Conversational Agent

Simon Whitehead and Lawrence Cavedon


Ideological Argumentation and Stance Taking: an Opinion Analysis Approach

Swapna Somasundaran and Jan Wiebe


Sentiment Classification using Automatically Extracted Subgraph Features

Shilpa Arora, Elijah Mayfield, Carolyn Penstein Rosé and Eric Nyberg