The Filter Page

©Daniel Amyot, September 1996

Here are some filters I have created for my personal use. They are quite useful for nice-looking documentation over the Internet and with FrameMaker. There are only two filters available, but others can be easily created. I don't have the time to create filters for every languages or a generic "filter generator"; however, I put my source code available and, in case you use it to generate other filters, then please tell me so and I will add them to this list.

Right now, these filters are available within our LOTOS research group (just do a "man" on these applications). Comments and requests for enhancements are welcomed!

These programs are free, as long as you cite the source.

Daniel Amyot.


A LOTOS-to-HTML filter.

Version 0.2, 96/09/14


A LOTOS-to-MML filter (for FrameMaker)

Version 0.2, 96/09/14

Daniel Amyot,
Created: 20 September, 1996 Last Updated: 20 September, 1996.