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Broadband communications over the Internet will soon deliver, virtually instantly and transparently, 'anytime, anywhere' multimedia communications. This will require the development of highly flexible, intelligent networks that offer large amounts of bandwidth-on-demand.

Today's fibre optic communications networks feature frequent optical/electronic conversions. Not only are these conversions expensive, they also limit scalability - in essence, they are 'bottlenecks'. Recently, all-optical switching technologies suitable for core network operations are becoming feasible, making it possible to develop an all-photonic network core that could potentially stretch very close to the end-user by dramatically reducing optical/electrical conversions.

To address this challenge, a Research Network entitled "Agile All-Photonic Networks" (AAPN) was launched in 2003. AAPN's ambitious five-year agenda, described in this Web site, is backed by a $7 million award by NSERC- the Government of Canada's Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council - as well as contributions from seven Canadian companies and two government laboratories.