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A Team Headed by Dr. Probert Won the SDL-2000 Design Contest in 2002

The SDL and MSC (SAM) workshop provides an open discussion arena in the year between SDL Forums, which is held every two years.

The SDL-2000 design contest was part of the 3rd SAM Workshop, which was held in Wales (U. K) in June 2002.
The challenge of the contest is to use SDL and MSC to specify a safe railway crossing.

A team from University of Ottawa headed by Dr. Probert submitted a design, including Professor Alan Williams,
Post-Doctoral Fellow Tae-hyong Kim, and grduate student Qing Li. Miss Li presented Team Canada's design,  successfully defended it,  and won first place.  Other teams were from France, Germany, and the European
Space Agency.

Dr. Alan Williams Wins Second Place in the SDL FORUM '03 Design Contest

In July, 2003, Dr. Alan Williams of the CSERG research group of  the ASERT laboratory, placed second in the 2003 SDL FORUM design contest.  The contest was to design a traffic light coordinator for intersections based on European standards.  Teams from several countries competed as a challenge to their skill at exploiting the useful features of SDL and MSC and related toolsets.  

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