Upcoming ASERT Presentations
The Advanced Software Engineering Research and Training (ASERT) group at the University of Ottawa has interest in the Suitability of SDL Methodology to Software Engineering, Protocol development, E-Commerce Security, Risk-Based Analysis Testing, and related topics. The group has partnered with several corporate sponsors including Nortel Networks and Telelogic. This page gives information regarding ASERT group presentations in the near future. Presentations are generally held in the Fifth Floor Boardroom of the University of Ottawa's S.I.T.E. Building. Please contact the individual presenters for more detailed information.

TSR tool in the Test Suite Reduction Project - Tuong Nguyen, August 27th

The technique of requirement-based automated test case generation supports test generation from EFSM (Extended Finite State Machine) system models. An approach of reduction of requirement based test suites using EFSM dependence analysis has been proposed in recent papers. Different types of dependencies are identified between elements of the EFSM system model. These dependencies capture potential interactions between elements of the model and are used to determine parts of the model that affect a requirement under test. This information is used to reduce the test suite by identifying repetitive tests, i.e., tests that exhibit the same pattern of interactions with respect to the requirement under test. Algorithms are proposed in this project to generate the interaction patterns from an EFSM model. Hence, TSR tool is designed and developed to verify the proposed algorithms, and support the experiments such as reduction percentage on test suites of a large system.

J2EE e-commerce testing using TTCN-3 - Wei Xu, August 27th

The research ties two advanced techniques in the field of e-commerce testing, one is J2EE infrastructure and the other is the new international standard test language- TTCN-3. EXtreme Programming (XP), with its simplicity and vast support in the Java world is becoming more and more popular, as our working target is also a Java application and XP applied to various open source tools in Java, it is an intuitive and natural choice to make it our methodology in this thesis work. A parser for the translation of TTCN-3 test script to Java code is introduced to resolve the learning curve for both TTCN-3 testers and Java developers while both sides can take advantage of the two advanced techniques to improve the quality of e-commerce system.

J-Unit: A Demonstration - Dr.Alan Williams, August 27th

Dr. Williams will provide a short presentation showing the J-Unit eXtreme Programming tool in action.