Teaching portfolio of  Dr. Burak Kantarci                                                                                       



2021 Winter

Click for my graduate course ELG5142/CSI5140 W00 Tentative Syllabus [from previous year]

Ubiquitous Sensing for Smart Cities

2020 Fall

ELG5255 Applied Machine Learning *This course requires special interaction with student teams throughout the term. Audit mode participation is not possible.

Tentative syllabus


Courses taught at University of Ottawa (since 2016)


CSI5140/ELG5142 Ubiquitous Sensing for Smart Cities

CSI5140 Information & Communication Systems for Smart Cities (under Selected Topics in Computer Science)

SEG4135 Cloud Systems and Networks

CSI 3131 Operating Systems

SEG4300 Topics in Software Engineering

CEG2136 Computer Architecture I



Courses taught at Clarkson University (past teaching experience 2014-2016)

EE512/CS667 Cloud Systems and Networks:

EE491 / EE 693 Directed Study in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Independent Study)


EE 408 Software Design for Visual Environments:








Past teaching experience at ITU (before 2010)


Computer Engineering


Introduction to Scientific and Engineering Computing (C/C++)


Digital Signal Processing Lab.


Information Technologies


Computer and Network Security


Computer Operating Systems (Advanced)


Structured Programming (Java)


Data Structures









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