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Research Grants,  Dr. Burak Kantarci                                                                                        

Research GRANTS And Funded Projects


NSERC Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE), Total: PI, $1,650,000)

CREATE Program for Training and Research in Autonomous Vehicles for Reliable Services in the Air and on Land (TRAVERSAL)





NSERC Alliance Mitacs Accelerate (PI, Awarded, Total: $135,000)

Intelligent Strategies for Optimal Virtual Network Function Placement in 5G Core








UTFORSK-Norway [lead institution: Univ. of Agder] (Co-PI & uOttawa Project Coordinator, Total Budget: 3M NOK ~ $400,000 CAD)




Elevating the Quality of Education in ICT towards 2030 through Multilateral Collaborations (EQEI)




Department of National Defence –Innovation for National Defence and Security (IDEaS) (PI, Awarded: $1,486,375 )

Autonomous, Reliable, Scalable and Secure Resource Management in Multi-level 5G edge




Department of National Defence –Innovation for National Defence and Security (IDEaS) (PI, Awarded: $1,495,062 )

AI-Driven Situational-Aware Security and Performance Assurance for 5G-Enabled Critical Infrastructures




Mitacs Accelerate (PI Awarded: $40,000)

An End User-Centric Study of Autonomous Technology Adoption in Controlled Environments




Mitacs Business Strategy Internship (BSI) (Awarded: 40,000, PI)

Project Title: Food and Beverage Golf Course Drone Delivery





Ontario Centre for Innovation - Voucher for Innovation Productivity (VIP) (Awarded: $156,666, PI)

Project Title: Deep Learning-Driven Integrated driver distraction detection system from multi-modal vehicular sensor data





NSERC-Ontario Centre of Innovation VIP Alliance

(Awarded: $90,000 PI, $75K In Cash)

Project Title: Security by Design via Radio Fingerprinting for Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Network








Mitacs Accelerate

Awarded ($225,000; co-PI share 50%)

Project Title: Machine Learning-Enhanced Anomaly Detection and Performance Optimization for Enterprise WiFi Networks





Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI)- John R. Evans Leaders Fund (PI)+ Ontario Research Fund-Research Infrastructure  (Awarded: $650,574)

Project Title: AI-Backed Internet of Vehicles Laboratory: An Open Access Innovation Facility








NSERC Alliance (Total Amount: $50,000, PI)

Project Title: Artificial Intelligence-Based Decision Support System for COVID-19 Mobile Assessments and Optimal Supply Services During the Pandemic





Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) - 5G (ENCQOR) Academic Technology Development Program (Awarded, Total Amount: $150,000, PI)

Project Title: Machine Learning-based Firewall-less Security Automation for the Network Edge








MITACS Elevate (Awarded, Total Amount: $120,000, PI)

Project title: Meta-information Extraction from Large-scale Streaming News for Entity-level Media Intelligence and Reporting









MITACS Accelerate (Cluster-Size; Awarded: $270,000 CAD in cash, PI)




Project Title: AI-Based Automated Methodologies for Supply Chains: High Precision Tabular Detection and Semantic Modeling of E-Components








Ontario Centres of Excellence-OCE AVIN TIP (Awarded $40,000CAD total $30,000CAD in cash, PI)

Project Title: Vehicular Sensor Fusion for Detection and Characterization of Significant Events








Ontario Centres of Excellence-OCE VIP 1 (Awarded $39,999CAD total $24,999CAD in cash, PI)

Project Title: Fine-grained continuous authentication accounting for multiple risk context factors








NSERC ENGAGE (Awarded $25,000 CAD, PI)

Project Title: Semantic Modelling and Machine Learning Analysis of a Billion+ Electronic Components Products to Support Supply Chain Optimization








Ontario Centres of Excellence-OCE VIP1 (Awarded $39,983 CAD total, $24,983CAD in cash, PI)

Project Title: Semantic Modelling and Machine Learning Analysis of a Billion+ Electronic Components Products to Support Supply Chain Optimization








NSERC DISCOVERY  (Awarded $125,000 CAD in total, PI)

Project Title: Mobile social network analytics and mobile edge solutions for trustworthy and reliable urban sensing





Visiting Researcher Program- OVPR (Awarded, $6,000 CAD, PI)

Project Title: Empowering Smart Mobile Devices for Real-time Health Analytics








NSF US-Ignite: (Awarded, $750,000CAD;  co-PI share: $137,788 CAD Subawarded to the University of Ottawa)

Project Title: An Integrated Reconfigurable Control and Self-Organizing Communication Framework for Advanced Community Resilience Microgrids








NSF-CRII: Secure Trustworthy Cyberspace Program (Awarded $225,000 CAD,  PI)




Project title: CRII: SaTC: Energy efficient participatory data collection and Context-Aware Incentives for Trustworthy Crowdsensing via Mobile Social Networks








CITeR: NSF-I/UCRC Cooperative Research Center (PI, Awarded $50,000 CAD)




Project Title: Context-aware Anomaly Detection in Internet of Biometric Things












Qualcomm Inc., (PI, Awarded $20,000.00 )




Project Title: Wireless Internet of Things Lab for Sensor Networks, Localization, and Mobile Computing at Clarkson University





University of Ottawa Startup Grant

Project Title: Large scale sensing systems for smart cities

2016- Present








Clarkson University Startup Grant




Project Title: Clarkson University Research Startup








Postdoctoral Research fellowship




Awarded at University of Ottawa by WiSense project at School of EECS








PhD Research Grant (funded PhD thesis study at the University of Ottawa)




TUBITAK-Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey