@article{RAUEN2017144, title = {Resiliency versus energy sustainability in optical inter-datacenter networks}, journal = {Optical Switching and Networking}, volume = {23}, pages = {144-155}, year = {2017}, note = {Design and modeling of Resilient optical networks RNDM 2015}, issn = {1573-4277}, doi = {https://doi.org/10.1016/j.osn.2016.06.003}, url = {https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1573427716300376}, author = {Zachary I. Rauen and Burak Kantarci and Hussein T. Mouftah}, keywords = {Dynamic electricity pricing, Energy efficiency, Flexible optical networks, Inter-datacenter networks, Resiliency}, abstract = {With cloud computing becoming a forefront of business models, saving in operational expenses is one of the main challenges and goals of the operators. The expenses for the operators come directly from energy consumption, and indirectly through service downtime i.e. losing customers or paying penalties. This paper considers both energy efficiency and resiliency design under different topological characteristics where datacenters are inter-connected via an elastic optical network backbone. We present a benchmark scheme which aims at minimum outage probability provisioning, and a compromising scheme which aims at resilient provisioning with minimum power consumption. The former is solely concerned with minimizing outages while the latter combines energy awareness while minimizing outages. Through simulations, we show that introducing energy awareness into outage minimized provisioning reduces the power consumption by about 7%. When compared against energy-aware provisioning, the compromising scheme can reduce outage probabilities by 45–97%. The compromising approach even improves upon the other algorithms by introducing shorter path delays. We further investigate the impact of electric price-aware and resilient inter-datacenter network design in the presence of dynamic electricity markets. We show that the electric bills of network operators can be cut up to 50% if Time of Use-awareness is adopted.} }