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(1) Journal of Dynamics and Control, Kluwer, New York,U.S

(2) Dynamic Systems and Applications, Atlanta,U.S

(3) International Journal of Science and Technology, Indiana,U.S

(4) Discussiones Mathematicae, Differential inclusions, Poland

(5) Mathematical Problems in Engineering: ,Theory and Applications, USA.

(6) Dynamics of Continuous , Discrete and Impulsive Systems, Waterloo, CANADA.

(7) Communications in Applied Mathematics, Sofia, Bulgaria.

(8) Nonlinear Functional Analysis and Applications, Masan, Korea.

(9) Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization.

(10) Advances in Nonlinear Analysis and Applications, Korea.

(11) International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mathematics.

(12) Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics.

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