Assignment 5: Assigned November 17, due Monday, November 28 at 8:30am
  1. p. 158, 2.1 (4b,c,i)
  2. p. 159-160, 2.2 (3b) You do not need to give parse trees for strings that are formulas of predicate logic, but you do need to give a reason for strings that are not formulas of predicate logic.
  3. p. 160, 2.2 (4b,c,d,e,f) For part 4d (i), assume that the substitution A[t/x] is permitted only if t is free for x in A. Assume also that you can always rename bound variables so that t becomes free for x in A. Then after renaming you can then do the substitution (as illustrated in class).
  4. p. 161, 2.3 (7b)
  5. p. 162, 2.3 (11b) You are not allowed to use the "arith" rule for problems in Chapter 2. Instead, use the equality rules on pages 107-108.
  6. p. 162, 2.3 (13d)