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In 2005, Cognos established a partnership with the Faculty of Engineering to provide computer science students with a unique learning opportunity. Cognos created a prize to recognize the top fourth year honours project in the Computer Science project course (CSI 4900 both fall and winter) that demonstrates innovation, collaboration and ingenuity throughout the project. Valued at $2,000, the prize will be split equally among the student members of the winning project. Students must be in good standing to be eligible for the prize. Projects will be evaluated by the project Faculty advisor and recommended to the course coordinator for consideration.

How do I know if I am eligible?

All students registered in the CSI4900 course are eligible. You also must be a member of a team participating in a project and be in good academic standing (DGPA of 4.5 or higher)

How many members can be on the team?

Teams can be comprised of 1-3 members.

How will my project be judged for the Cognos Prize?

Your faculty advisor will provide an assessment and recommendation of your project to the CSI course coordinator. Recommendations will comment on the level of teamwork (where applicable), the complexity of the problem and the originality of the project. Final selection will be done by a committee appointed by the CSI course coordinator based on the recommendation and final oral presentation.

Where can I find out further information about Cognos?

Cognos is now part of IBM and provides enterprises with Business Intelligence software that helps them increase productivity and achieve competitive advantage. Please visit the IBM Cognos web site for more information www.cognos.com.