The basic business purpose is to create information products that accelerate the advancement of knowledge and improve the effictiveness of people and organizations. The company’s products and services are used in industry, business, engineering, science medecine and education in approximately 110 countries.

ASIS : The American Society for Information Science
This organization is dedicated to the creation, organization, dissemination and application of knowledge concerning information and its transfer. You will find specific information about "Upcoming Meetings", "Software of Interest, "Special Interest Groups" such as : Automated Language Processing etc.

ISI : Information Science Institutes
ISI has sponsored research projects underway in the areas of : software sciences, artificial intelligence, design automation etc. Technical Reports are available on this Server.

INTERNET RESOURCES INFORMATION SCIENCE : Mailing lists, Databases, Meta Indices etc.

WWW-Catalog, Query for Information Science

CATRIONA CATaloging and Retrieval of Information over Network Applications.

Réseau Documentaire de Grenoble. Il s'agit d'un projet du Pôle Europeen. Le but est de fournir des informations sur toutes les bibliothèques et Centres de Documentation de la région grenobloise, et de faciliter l'accès à leur catalogues.

Le réseau DIC-DOC :
Afin de répondre aux besoins de la communauté scientifique, ce réseau propose des produits de recherche documentaire développés par les Chercheurs et Ingénieurs en Documentation de l'Institut INSERM.

Centre de Documentation de l'INRIA Sophia-Antipolis

TELECOM : la Bibliothèque - Documentation et activités

Department of Information Science (Sheffield University) world renowned in such as librarianship, Information Science and Management, or Computational Chemistry. Links to assist in searching the Internet

Library Information Servers WWW

Libraries and Internet : Electronic Text Collection
This is a collection of important electronic texts regarding the subject of libraries facing the challenge of networked information. This collection is a part of "Lund University Electronic Library".

MIT Massachussetts Institute of Technology

BNC Bibliothèque National du Canada
IFLA virtuel library

OPAC de la BNS Bibliothèque Nationale Suisse
Depuis le 24.octobre 1994, le catalogue de la BNS est ouvert au public, tant sur place qu'à distance par Internet.

ISI : Computer research institute affiliated with the University of Southern CA Engineering Department.
Included in their homepage are descriptions of their various projects, brokering services and technical publications. Also available are archives of Internet Drafts and News :


Resources for Librarians
ISRI Information Science Research Institute :
The ISRI server contains information about ISRI's research, publications and personnel.

UNC-CH : School of Information and Library Science.

University of Mitchigan School of Information and Library Science.

University of Pittsburg School of Library and Information Science.

Indiana University School of Library and Information Science.

School of Library and Information Studies

UC Berkeley School of Library and Information Studies

University of Constance : Information Science Resource List

University of Tokyo, Departement of Information Science

UCLA : Grad.Scool of Education and Information Studies, Los Angeles, California, USA

University of Twente - Applications of Information Technology

University of Florida, Department of Computer & Information Science

Kansas State University; Department of Computing & Information Science

ULIS University of Library and Information Science (Ibaraki)

KOCHI University at Japan

University of Helsinki University of Tampere; Department of Information Studies

University of Massachussetts; Department of Computer and Information Science

Competitive Intelligence

Bibliometrics, Scientometrics & Informetrics
Strategic Management

Intellectual & Industrial Property