OCSF: The Object Client/Server Framework

OCSF is a Java framework that can be used to develop client-server systems. This framework is called OCSF to reflect the fact that the client-server systems built using this framework will exchange Java objects. It is therefore strongly object-oriented as all the lower-level communication layers are encapslated inside the framework.

While this framework has all the required reliability and scalability to develop real software applications, it has been developped in the context of an object-oriented software development course. It is described in the book:

Object-Oriented Software Engineering: Practical Software Development using UML and Java; 2nd Edition

By Timothy C. Lethbridge and Robert Laganière

The source code presented here is made available according to the terms of our open source license, which you should read. The software is designed to run on version 1.2 of Java and later. We have tested this version on Windows and Solaris platforms.

We welcome all suggestions for improvements to the code and will post updated versions, and additional code, here from time to time. To make suggestions, you can email us or use our feedback form. See the OCSF Javadoc documentation to obtain a list of modifications made.

To install OCSF, just unzip the files into a directory to which the classpath environment variable points. Then, compile all java source file using your javac compiler.

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