Where to buy the book Object-Oriented Software Engineering: Practical Software Development using UML and Java

By Timothy C. Lethbridge and Robert Laganière

In the US, you can order the book directly from the publishers:
Phone: 1-800-262-4729 Students
Phone: 1-800-338-3987 Instructors
E-mail: customer.service@mcgraw-hill.com
Or buy the book directly from the UK office of McGraw Hill.

The following are some on-line bookstores where you may buy our book. You can do some comparison shopping (for price and speed of delivery). We also invite you to submit your comments to these bookstores for others to read:

On-Line Bookstores based in Canada (International ISBN 0-07-709761-0 for first edition)

On-Line Bookstores based in the UK (International ISBN 0-07-710908-2 for second edition)

On-line Bookstores based in the USA

Bookstores in other countries

If the above bookstores send us any commission for providing links to their sites, we will donate any money received to scholarships at the University of Ottawa (we will do this at least until the end of 2002).

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