Widely Separated View Matching


Investigators: Étienne Vincent and Robert Laganière


A new feature point detector is proposed which uses a wedge model to characterize corners by their orientation and angular width. This detector is compared to two popular feature point detectors: the Harris and SUSAN detectors, on the basis of some defined quality attributes. It is also shown how feature points between widely separated views can be matched by using information provided by the detector to approximate local affine transformations.
Desirable properties that a good feature point detector should exhibit:
Source code

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Robert Laganière and Étienne Vincent,
Detecting and matching feature points ,
in Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation , vol. 16, issue 1, pp. 38-54, Febuary 2005.
Elsevier Science Direct

Robert Laganière and Étienne Vincent,
Wedge-based Corner Model for Widely Separated Views Matching,
in Proc. 16th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, vol. 3, Quebec City, Canada, August 2002.
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