Eddie's story

I got a mail about Eddie at July 27, 2000/

"..... My mother in law had a 6 year  old boy that passed away over 25 years ago...and she's always said that she'd like to see what he'd look like as an adult. ... I have a picture of him, her and his  father...do you think you can help me?

Here are the photographs of the mother, father and little Eddie. I use the face cloning program to reconstruct three faces and then use the face morphing program to simulate an adult Eddie.


Then I got emails from her

" I can't thank you enough for what you did with the picture of Eddie.  I am  goign to have my mother in law come and look at all these this evening when she gets home from work.  She has no idea that we've been looking for someone to do this for her.  The website is WONDERFUL!!!!!  Just a few minutes ago, there was a room full of tearful people here looking at the pictures, my  husband and his sister.  My husband is a couple years older than little Eddie and his sister wasn't born untill after little Eddie passed away...so she had
no idea either, of what he would have looked like.  Thankyou so very much for doing this.....  I know that what you've done will make my mother in law extremely happy......

"My mother in law saw the web site and the pictures and was so happy.  How can i ever repay you for what you did for a stranger and her family?  Just
say..... :-)
God Bless,

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