Dr. Trevor J. HALL

Director of the Centre for Research in Photonics at the University of Ottawa
Canada Research Chair in Photonic Network Technology
Professor Emeritus of Optoelectronics, University of London, U.K.
University of Ottawa School of Information Eechnology and Engineering

Other Publications

T. J. Hall, W. Pijitrojana, R. Maun, "An optical transpose interconnection system", Institute of Physics meeting on `Applied Photonic Processing', June 2001.

T. J. Hall, "A holographic Memory with Dynamic Refresh Capability", Institute of Physics meeting on `Optical Data Storage', University of Nottingham, 18 Dec.1997.

D. Pignon, T. J. Hall, "Neural computation by percolation", Institute of Physics meeting on 'Parallel Optics and Switching Technologies', January 1995.

A. G. Kirk, G. D. Kendall, T. J. Hall, "Diffractive optical elements for parallel data routing", IoP meeting on 'Optoelectronic Neural Networks', Sharp Laboratories of Europe, Oxford, June 1992.

A. Kirk, G. Baister, T. J. Hall "Optical interconnects using diffractive optical elements", Institute of Physics meeting on Micro and Applied Optics, March 1990.

J. W. Wood, M. A. Fiddy, T. J. Hall, "The location of zeros for phase retrieval in one and two dimensions", Institute of Physics meeting on Phase Retrieval, February 1982.

L. M. Connors, T. J. Hall, M. A. Fiddy, R. E. Burge, "Optical processing using photorefractives", ICO-1, Graz, 1981.

T. J. Hall, M. A. Fiddy, B. Culshaw, "Optical fibre sensors using multimode fibres", IoP meeting Opto-electronic devices for measurement and communication, May 1979.

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