Dr. Trevor J. HALL

Director of the Centre for Research in Photonics at the University of Ottawa
Canada Research Chair in Photonic Network Technology
Professor Emeritus of Optoelectronics, University of London, U.K.
University of Ottawa School of Information Eechnology and Engineering


  • Co-director of the of the 2008 NATO Advanced Study Institute on Laser Control & Monitoring in New Materials, Biomedicine, Environment, Security and Defense that took place in the Fall of 2008 in Ottawa.

  • Director of the Centre for Research in Photonics at the University of Ottawa since April 2003.

  • Awarded a Canada Research Chair in Photonic Network Technology.

  • Named Professor Emeritus of Optoelectronics, King's College London, University of London in July 2002.

  • His research judged as at an international level in every UK Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) held; including the period assessed during RAE 2001 for which his department scored 5; the highest but one of seven grades.

  • Invited to speak at a NATO-Mediterranean Dialogue Advanced Research Workshop, Kiryat Anavim, Israel, 19-21 Oct. 1998.

  • Organized and chaired the prestigious Rank Prize Fund mini-symposium on 'Terabit Optical Networking' held in Grasmere, UK, 2-5 April 2001. The meeting brought together 10 leading international researchers in a workshop together with 30 young UK researchers.

  • Appointed by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to the UK delegation to a round-table workshop between UK and French CNRS researchers (October 1997) by the Belgium Federal Government as an expert reviewer of the Inter-University Attraction Poles Network IAP-13 in March 2001. Involved a site visit as well as the evaluation of written reports and subsequently two proposals for new networks.

  • Recognised by EPSRC and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), who have made continuous use of his services on committees and panels since 1991.

  • Co-editor of International Journal of Optoelectronics 1994 -1998.

  • External examiner of the MSc. in Laser Communications at Essex University between 1995 and 1999.

  • Consultant to Plessey Marine Research, Templecombe (now Siemens); British Petroleum, Sunbury-on-Thames; Standard Telephone Laboratories, Harlow (now Nortel); Sharp Laboratories Europe; and the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA) Malvern (formerly the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment.

  • Provided services as a Monitoring Officer to the Department of Trade and Industry during 1992-2000. Responsible for ensuring cost-effective use of public funds in support of three major multimillion pound industry / academia collaborative projects.

  • Acted as a consultant during 2000-2002 to Qinetiq (formerly DERA Malvern) on Digital and Optical Signal Processing; to Fujitsu on Optical Communications; and to EPSRC on Exciting Developments and Breakthroughs in Physics and Engineering.
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