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SEG 2105 Lab 2 parts a and b Handed in as Assignment 3

For details of other assignments and general rules, see this page.

See course syllabus for lab dates and due dates for handing in the report (as assignment 3)

Instructions for setting up the OCSF and SimpleChat code in Eclipse are found here: href="http://www.site.uottawa.ca/~tcl/seg2105/coursenotes/Lab2_Getting_Started.html.

Note you have a reasonably long amount of time to do this; I suggest you get as much as you can done in the lab period during the first week and second week, and then start working on it as homework so that the final week you are only asking the TA some leftover questions.

Group work and partners: For this lab, you may have a different partner from the one you had for the first lab, but please only do so after discussing with your TA and your previous partner, so we don't end up with partners that are stranded. In other words, do not abandon your partner without ensuring your partner has someone else to work with. You must work with the same partner from this point onwards in the course, unless your partner drops the course.

Purpose of the lab These lab questions are designed to help you become very familiar with the design of the SimpleChat program and the OCSF framework. You should read the relevant sections of the textbook before coming to the lab. You will be tested on your understanding of SimpleChat and OCSF in the midterm.

Exercises to do: You will do exercises listed below from pages 104-107 of the textbook with a few modifications to ensure that the work you do is a little different from the work of last year.

  1. E48, page 104 (5 marks): Do only testcases 1001, 1004, 1006, 1008, 1009, 1011 and 1013, on whatever operating system version you have available. Hand in a statement listing the test case number and The words 'Success' or 'Failure' followed by the output. A test case fails if it doesn't produce the expected output. Explain any failures if possible.

  2. E49, pages 104-105 (25 marks): Hand in changes to your code with each preceded by a comment so the TA can see what you changed for this question. Your comment should look something like this '// **** Changed for E49' and your initials. Furthermore, add normal code comments explaining anything non-obvious in what you are doing.

  3. E50, pages 105-106 (30 marks): As before, comment each change as you go and mark the changes using the same style of comment.

  4. E51, pages 106-107 (30 marks): As before, comment each change as you go.

  5. E52, page 107 (10 marks): Do all the odd numbered testcases except 2019. Your results should be as described as in E48.

What to hand in: Hand in the following : 1) A document containing the results of the test case runs. 2) Your entire simplechat *directory* (DO NOT submit the OCSF framework directory).