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PhD (in progress)

My name is Roy Chih Chung Wang, or 王治中 (Traditional Chinese). I am currently working towards a doctorial degree at the University of Ottawa (uOttawa). I am supervised by Prof. Eric Dubois (uOttawa), and co-supervised by Dr. Liang Zhang (Communication Research Canada Centre). My area of research is digital video processing, and my current project is about the conversion of video sampling structures. The resultant algorithm should be robust and adaptive. Topics from directional filtering and sparse data super-resolution may be relevant topics to my current research.

My past MASc research was in the field of applied optics for biomedical and biophotonics engineering (supervised by Prof. Qiyin Fang and co-supervised by Prof. Jamal Deen, McMaster University). Naturally, I have research interests from the perspective of imaging hardware design. These interests include the area of computational applied optics (e.g. computational photography, coded aperture imaging), and super-resolution imaging for biomedical applications (via physics, or algorithm-based). These topics may benefit from compressed sensing algorithms, so I have an interest in that area as well.