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Communications anciennes / Older communications :

Wavelet and block singular value image denoising by R. Ashino, A. Morimoto, M. Nagase, Yuichi Shimano and R. Vaillancourt, in The Fourth International Conference on Information and the Fourth Irish Conference on the Mathematical Foundations of Comcputer Science and Information Technology 1st to th August 2006 (Cork Ireland), Lei Li and Fuji Ren, \'ed., National University of Ireland, Cork, 2006, pp.~92--95.
Gabor, wavelet and chirplet transforms in the study of pseudodifferential operators by R. Ashino, M. Nagase and R. Vaillancourt. Ryuichi Ashino.

Livres / Books:

  • Hayawakari Matlab (Introductlon to Matlab) (Japanese) by R. Ashino and R. Vaillancourt, 1st ed. 11th printing, Kyoritsu Shuppan, Tokyo, 1997, 2nd ed. 2009. (Korean 1998) Ryuichi Ashino.

  • Advances in Mechanics of Solids. In memory of Prof. E.M. Haseganu edited by Ardéshir Guran, Technical University of Graz, Andrei L. Smirnov, St. Petersburg State University, David J. Steigmann, UC Berkeley, and Rémi Vaillancourt, University of Ottawa, World Scientific, Singapore, 2006. World Scientific
  • Ordinary Differential Equations with Matlab) (Japanese) by R. Ashino and R. Vaillancourt, Kyoritsu Shuppan, Tokyo, 2000.

  • Complex Variables by M.Ya. Antimirov, A.A. Kolyshkin and R. Vaillancourt, Academic Press, 1998. Academic Press. Épuisé / Out of print. Télécharger la deuxième édition pour usage privé. / Download second edition for private use only. Complex.pdf.gz

  • Mathematical Models in Eddy Current Testing by M.Ya. Antimirov, A.A. Kolyshkin and R. Vaillancourt, Publications du CRM, 1997. Publications CRM.

  • Applied Integral Transforms by M.Ya. Antimirov, A.A. Kolyshkin and R. Vaillancourt, AMS, 1993.

  • Asymptotic Methods in Mechanics edited by R. Vaillancourt and A.L. Smirnov, AMS, 1993.

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