SMART is a research group that was founded in 2009 following 10 years of active interdisciplinary research work and collaboration with industry. Our activities concentrate on the development of intelligent sensing techniques and decision systems for automation and robotic applications. A vast part of the past and current research aims at developing components of the next generation of machine vision, tactile sensing, artificial intelligence, and control systems for efficient manufacturing, as well as for autonomous mobile and manipulator robotics. Another important area of our research concentrates on human motion monitoring technologies for numerous applications ranging from pedagogy, training, entertainment, therapeutic treatments and safety.

Research activities of the SMART Research Group are recognized and supported by major granting agencies in Canada, including CFI, OIT, NSERC, OCE, and Precarn. Members of our team take advantage of an extensive infrastructure composed of specialized sensing equipments, computer vision devices, robotic platforms, and high-end computational resources. Several projects are also conducted in close collaboration with industrial partners.

The research group is affiliated with two research laboratories: VIVA and SMR, which are both part of the School of Information Technology and Engineering (SITE) at the University of Ottawa, located in the wonderful city of Ottawa, Canada's national capital.

Research Themes