Teaching Activities

Prof. Emil M. Petriu

 ELG 4912F  Electrical Engineering Design Project I (Fall 2017)




Lecture:  Thursday, 14:30 - 16:00 / MNO E218


·      Syllabus


·      Before proceeding with any hands-on experiments:

(i)      all students must attend the mandatory “Health, Safety and Risk Management in Engineering” lecture by Dr. Pierre Laflamme and the “Electrical Hazards, EECS Lab Safety Guidelines” presentation by Mr. Alan Stewart, and then sign the attendance documents certifying their participation;

(ii)     all students must carry out a “Project Hazard and Risk Assessment” of their specific project, experimental setups and protocols. This assessment should be done using the standard form (French version, or English version). 

·      Report Format

·      What is a Professional Engineer?, Professional Engineering Practice,  PEO Code of Ethics, Engineering and CIPS Code of Ethics

·      Health, Safety and Risk Management in Engineering (by Dr. Pierre Laflamme), Electrical Hazards, EECS Lab Safety Guidelines (by Alan Stewart), uOttawa Office of Risk Management ,  Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System - A Guide to the Legislation, Safety Code 6: Health Canada's Radiofrequency Exposure Guidelines


Links of interest:

Electrical, Computer, and Software Engineering - historical perspective, Engineering Practice and Design, Canada’s economy in 2041: How we’ll work, live and spend (The Globe and Mail), MetaScan 3: Emerging Technologies, Policy Horizons Canada, 2013,  Five Technological Applications Impacting Manufacturing Innovation, IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter Compendium 2015, Networks of ‘Things’- NIST Special Publication 800-183  (by Jeffrey Voas - US National Institute of Standards and Technology), IEEE Spectrum,  Robotics Trends,  Medical Design Briefs,  Ethically Aligned Design: A Vision for Prioritizing Human Wellbeing with Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems [IEEE, 2016],  Entretien avec un robot [Tribune de Genève, 2017], Research into exoskeleton walking devices big leap forward for human-robot interactions (CBC News),  Automation Across the Nation: Understanding the potential impacts of technological trends across Canada [DATA INSIGHTS, Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship, June 2017],  How mixed reality is bringing Star Trek’s holodeck to a business near you  [Financial Post], Video Friday: DARPA's LUKE Arm, Human Support Robot, and Starting a Robotics Company [IEEE Spectrum, 2017], Self-Driving Wheelchairs Debut in Hospitals and Airports [IEEE Spectrum, 2017], Students Race Driverless Cars in Germany in Formula Student Competition [IEEE Spectrum, 2017] , Hands on with new kids' STEM robot: Professor Einstein [YouTube, Feb. 2017], BioIn Robotics Lab at uOttawa

Keysight Technologies – Metrology & Calibration Standards, National Instruments - Fundamentals to Building a Test System: Selecting Instrumentation, 1547-2003 - IEEE Standard for Interconnecting Distributed Resources with Electric Power Systems

Robotic Systems -Basics, Robot Kinematics [Wikipedia], Position Recovery,  Haptic Sensors & Interfaces, Robotic Systems -Sensors, Incredibly Soothing Robot Makes Towers of Balanced Stones [IEEE Spectrum],   4 Reasons Programming Robots is Difficult, Active Research Topics in Human Machine Interfaces [SAND2000-2779], Biology Inspired Robots, Mission-Driven Robotic Intelligent Sensor Agents,  Soft Computing Control of a Mobile Robot (by Dr. Moufid Harb), Self-Driving Cars – IT Aspects,  Virtual Environments   

World’s first humanoid Open Source 3D printed robot InMoov, InMoov Demo at Maker Faire Paris 14,  Moveable Factory: Addibot, 3D Printer on Wheels (rbr - robotics business review),  Building the Future: Space Station Crew 3-D Prints First Student-Designed Tool in Space (http://www.nasa.gov),

Intellectual Property and Patents (by Mr. Wing T. Yan), IP@Nelligan - Intellectual Property Law Blog, Investigating the Collapse of Nortel: What We Learned  -  Abstract (by Peter MacKinnon & Peter Chapman), Innovation and Invention - What it means and why it matters (by Peter MacKinnon & Peter Chapman), Entrepreneurship & Finance -How to turn your project into something more (by Nolan Beanlands),  chalk&wire an Entrepreneurship Success Story: Extreme Human Factors (by Dr. Thom Whalen) & chalk&wire Life in the Agile Lane (by Mr. Geoff Irvine), IEEE-The Institute Special Report: Startups, 

Electronic Instrumentation Lab (Alan Stewart), uOttawa Makerspace, Selecting the Right Material for 3D Printing (Proto Labs)

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·   Dilbert on the Turing Test


 ELG 5161 Robotics: Control, Sensing and Intelligence (Fall 2017)




Lecture:       Monday 10:00 - 11:30 / MNO E218,   Wednesday 10:00 - 11:30 / STE  J0106


Description:    Robotics as the intelligent connection of perception to action. Advanced robotics technologies. Robot arm kinematics and dynamics. Planning of manipulator trajectories. Control of robot manipulators. Robot-level programming. Sensors and sensory perception. Control problems for sensory controlled robotic-based flexible manufacturing systems. Task-level programming. Knowledge-based control for mobile robots.  This course is equivalent to EACJ 5207 at Carleton University.


Syllabus (pdf)


Assignment #1 


Links of interest:

Robotics [Wikipedia], Outline of Robotics [Wikipedia], Robotics Trends, IEEE Spectrum, BioIn Robotics Lab at uOttawa,  Smarter Robots: Implications for the workplace of the future Intelligent Robotic Systems,  Robot Sensors, Homogeneous Transformation Matrices, Robot Kinematics [Wikipedia], Kinematics -Manipulator Motion, Accuracy of the kinematic model, Kinematic Model of Robot Arm, Introduction to Robot Kinematics, Robot Control, ROS Robot Software Development,  Position Recovery,  Vision-Based Robotic Sensing and Control, Force-Position Control, Compliance, Haptic Sensors, Touch Sensing for Humanoid Robots, (10.1109/MIM.2015.7271221), Fuzzy Logic Controllers  (slides,  paper1paper2), Grey Wolf Optimizer Algorithm-Based Tuning of Fuzzy Control Systems with Reduced Parametric Sensitivity, (10.1109/TIE.2016.2607698), Behavior-Based Neuro-Fuzzy Controller for Mobile Robot Navigation (paperslides), Mission-Driven Robotic Intelligent Sensor Agents, Intelligent Robotic Sensor Agents for Environment Monitoring, Biology Inspired Robots,  Self-Driving Cars – IT Aspects, Self-Driving Wheelchairs Debut in Hospitals and Airports [IEEE Spectrum, 2017],  


MetaScan 3: Emerging Technologies, Policy Horizons Canada, 2013,  Robots are so much smarter than they used to be [Financial Post, 2014], How Ontario put the future of operating-room robots in question [The Globe and Mail, 2017],  The rise of the robots? [BBC, 2016], Ethically Aligned Design: A Vision for Prioritizing Human Wellbeing with Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems [IEEE, 2016], Automation Across the Nation: Understanding the potential impacts of technological trends across Canada [DATA INSIGHTS, Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship, June 2017], Robots roam Mount Etna volcano as part of lunar testing ground,


World’s first humanoid Open Source 3D printed robot InMoov, InMoov Demo at Maker Faire Paris 14



Courses Taught in Previous Years


 ITI 1100 Digital Systems

Elements of Digital Logic Circuits (pdf), Asynchronous Arbiter (p1, p2, p3, p4)


ELG 5196  Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems


Soft Computing: Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic (slides), Computers & the Human Brain / Neuromorphic Computing Timeline (Jeremy Norman’s HistoryofScience.com),  Fuzzy Cognitive Map [Wikipedia], Fuzzy Systems in Instrumentation: Fuzzy Control (slides, paper1, paper 2, paper3, paper4, paper5, paper6), Neural Network Primer (pdf), Perceptron (pdf), Associative Memory (pdf),  Neural Networks-Basics (slides), Biologically Plausible Artificial Neural Networks (by Joao Luis Garcia Rosa, at IJCNN 2005), Bio-Inspired and Cognitive Neural Networks (by Leonid Perlovsky, at IJCNN 2007), Applications of Random-Pulse Machine Concept to NN Design (paper), Instrumentation Applications of Multibit Random Data Representation (paper), NN Models for Virtual Environments (paper)NN Models of 3D Objects (paper)NN Modelling of 3D Object Elastic Behaviour (paper), NN Mapping and Clustering pf Elastic Behavior From Tactile and Range Imaging (paper), Neural Networks-Modelling Applications (slides), Behavior-Based Neuro-Fuzzy Controller for Mobile Robot Navigation (paper, slides)


* IEEE Computational Intelligence Society - Multimedia Tutorials Center

* The MathWorks™ Fuzzy Logic Toolbox™

* The MathWorks™ Neural Network Toolbox™

* Bionic eye gives blind man sight (BBC News)

* Google Tech Talks “Neuroplasticity, memory … and human (your) potential,” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyPrL0cmJRs
* Google Tech Talks “The Next Generation of Neural Networks” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyzOUbkUf3M&NR=1


ELG 5124  Virtual Environments

IntroductionCollaborative Virtual Environments [Prof. N.D. Georganas]3D Object Location,  Graphical Perspective [Wikipedia], General Homogeneous Transformation Matrix (p1, p2, p3),  Computer Graphics (Prof. M. Haage, Lund U, Sweden), Geometry of Perspective Drawing [Prof. A. Treibergs, U of Utah], Projective Geometry Applied to Computer Vision [Stanford U], 3D Object Recovery Using Structured Light (slides) (paper1) (paper2paper3), Coded Structured Light Bibliography [J.P. Marco]3D Object Modelling - Issues and Techniques [A.M. Cretu], 3D Viewing, Kinematics and Dynamics Modelling [J.C. Delannoy], Head Tracking for Desktop VR, NN Modelling of Geometric and Elastic Properties of 3D Objects (slides),  EM Models for EDA (paper, slides), Solid Modelling [Wikipedia], 3D Human Anatomy and Biology Models [3DScience.com], Human Head Model (paper1, paper2, paper3, slides),  Humanoid Avatar - Modelling and Animation (paper1, paper2, paper3, slides1, slides2), Animation-Demo Reel [M.D. Petriu],  Active Research Topics in Human Machine Interfaces [SAND2000-2779, Unlimited Release],  Haptic Interfaces (slides),  Microsoft Surface Computing - Multi-Touch Technologies (video2), Virtual Environments - Applications ( Ch. 8 in [Burdea&Coiffet, 2003], slides), Man-Computer Symbiosis [J.C.R. Licklider],  Robotic, Human, and Symbiotic Sensor Agents (paper1, paper2, paper3, paper4, paper 5, paper6, slides),  Multimedia – From Wagner to Virtual Reality, Computer and Video Games [Wikipedia]

Cortona VRML Client
ZBrush by Pixiologic
3D Interaction CyberForce® Tactile Feedback System
New Wildcat Realizm Graphics Technology
X-Plane by Laminar Research
Google Earth  - A 3D interface to the planet
Google SketchUp 6
MapWindow GIS: open source programmabale geographic information system tools
Humanoid Animation Working Group
ISO/IEC FCD 19774:200x, Humanoid animation (H-Anim)
Poser 7 - Art of 3D Figure Design ( e frontier)
The Sims
Second Life, Sweden plans Second Life embassy, Banks in Second Life have frozen withdrawals .
The Ultimate Distance Learning
Second Life is releasing code to the open source community
10 Downing Street virtual tour
Mars Exploration Rover (CNN)        
Game theorists share Nobel prize
2007 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
IBM Research Unveils 3D Avatar to Help Doctors Visualize Patient Records ans Improve Care 
Make Your Very Own Virtual World with OLIVE (IEEE  Spectrum, Jan 2008)