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Dr. Tuncer Ören

Professor Emeritus

of Computer Science

- A book by Levent Yilmaz (ed.) (2015). Concepts and Methodologies for Modeling and Simulation: A Tribute to Tuncer Ören. Springer.
(at Springer's site) (front matter: Foreword, Preface,  Table of Content)
- Honor award (Onur Ödülü), Language Association, Turkey (Dil Derneği), 2012. Acceptance speech (Kabul konuşması)
- SCS Modeling & Simulation Hall of Fame
-Lifetime Achievement Award, 2011
- Information Age Award, 1991
Turkish Ministry of Culture
- (Other distinctions)

   - Bio, brief bio

   - A professional autobiography intertwined with simulation and SCS

   - SCS Distinguished Lecturer (bio & topics), at Wikipedia

   - A Pioneer of Computing in Canada-IBM Canada, 2005

   - Bio in Turkish

Research Interests:
Modeling and Simulation (M&S)
  • Advanced methodologies (such as multi-models and multi-simulations as  well as systems theories and systems engineering in modeling and simulation)

  • Agent-directed simulation (ADS) (including agent simulation, agent-initiated simulation, agent-supported simulation, and agent-based simulation)

  • Cognitive and emotive simulations (such as simulation of human behavior by agents with dynamic personality and emotions; agents with perception, anticipation, and understanding abilities; and cognitive and emotive simulation applications for threat-management training)

  • Quality, and Failure Avoidance in Simulation

  • Ethics in Simulation

  • Multilingual as well as ontology-based dictionaries of modeling and simulation

  • Body of Knowledge of modeling and simulation

Contributions of Dr. Ören to the advancement of modeling and simulation

Research and Professional Activities: 



1. Publications


in the: 2010s, 2000s, 1990s, 1980s, 1970s, 1960s

Books: (List of all books/proceedings) (at Amazon) (at Barnes&Noble)

2. Conferences and seminars - Active involvements
in the: 2010s, 2000s, 1990s, 1980s, 1970s, 1960s and 1950s
Invited/honorific involvements in conferences/seminars in: China

3. Positions

Positions at SCS 
    (The Society for Modeling and Simulation International)

Positions at other organizations

Employment and academic positions

Advising & consulting

            Topical Bibliographies:

M&S Profession:

  • Ethics
  • Body of Knowledge
         and Comprehensive and Integrative View (Big Picture)
  • Taxonomies
  • M&S Dictionary Project
  • Terminology
  • Cognitive Informatics:

  • Understanding
  • Human Behavior Simulations:  

  • Personality, Emotions, Perception, Anticipation,Ethics, Culture, Civilization
  • M&S Formalisms:

  • Advanced Methodologies and Normative Views
  • Discontinuity(Model update, Multimodels, Multisimulation
         Personality Update, Agents with Personality Update)
  • Agent-Directed Simulation as well as Agents
  • AI and Simulation
  • M&S Reliability:

  • Quality Assurance and Failure Avoidance in M&S
  • M&S Applications:

  • Conflict Management - Threat
  • Turkish:

  • Bilişimde Özenli Türkçe
  • Bibliometric information:

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    by publisher: Springer

    Ören, T.I., Zeigler, B.P. (1979). Concepts for Advanced Simulation Methodologies. Simulation, 32:3, 69-82. SAGE Journals Online. (One of the 50 Most-Frequently Cited Articles of SIMULATION (6/50);
    as of March, 2012, updated monthly)

    (Rankings are based on citations to articles on SIMULATION journal site from articles
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    Ören, , T.I. (1977). Software for Simulation of Combined Continuous & Discrete Systems: A State-of-the-Art Review. Simulation, 28:2, 33-45. (One of the 50 Most-Frequently Cited Articles in SIMULATION (46/50);
    as of March, 2012
    , updated monthly)

    Some views about bibliometric evaluations (Laloë and Mosseri at, P. Sloot)


      at SCS


      for SCS
      at Ören's site

    Student Chapters,
    Awards and Recognition, Awardees,



    M&S Associations/Centers/Groups
    M&S Body of Knowledge

    Modeling and Simulation, ADS (Agent-directed Simulation), Agent-based Modeling

    Simulation, Education and Training
      (Simulation for Education and Training, Simulation Education)

    Science-Engineering, Human and Social Sciences, Civilizations
    ▪ Complex Adaptive Systems (PediaView.com - Open Source Encyclopedia)
    ▪ Complex Adaptive Systems Modeling (A Springer Open Journal)
    Conflict and Peace Studies
    Other Resources
  • Dr. Tuncer Ören
    School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    Faculty of Engineering
    University of Ottawa
    800 King Edward Ave.
    P.O. Box 450, Stn A
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1N 6N5

    Email: oren@eecs.uOttawa.ca
                (613) 271-1214 

                 Contactez:  École de science informatique et de génie électrique (depuis Juin 2011)

                                      L'École d'ingénierie et de technologie de l'information (ancien nom)

    Contact:      School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (since June 2011)

                         School of Information Technology and Engineering          (old name)


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