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Tuncer Ören photo

Dr. Tuncer Ören

Professor Emeritus
Research Interests:
  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Agent-Directed Simulation
  • Cognitive and Emotive Simulations
  • Reliability and Quality
  • Ethics in Simulation

    Bio, A professional autobiography intertwined with simulation and SCS

    SCS Distinguished Lecturer (bio & topics)

    Profile (appeared in ACM CR, April 2003)

    A Pioneer of Computing in Canada-IBM Canada, 2005

    Bio in Turkish


    Bibliometric information
    (ACM Portal, DBLP, Google scholar)


  • Research and Professional Activities: 



    Active involvement in conferences and seminars in the:


    2000s, 1990s, 1980s, 1970s, 1960s and 1950s


    in the: 2000s, 1990s, 1980s, 1970s, 1960s

    scheduled for 2009

    (List of all books/proccedings)

  • L. Yilmaz and T.I. Ören (eds.) (2009 - In Press, All Chapters by Invited Contributors). Agent-Directed Simulation and Systems Engineering. Wiley-Berlin, Germany. (Call for Book Chapters


  • Dictionary of Modeling and Simulation
    (English-French-German-Italian-Spanish, and Turkish)

  • Dictionary of Modeling and Simulation
    (English-Chinese) (M&S Dictionary Project)

  •   Topical Bibliographies:  

    M&S Profession:

    Ethics, Body of Knowledge, Taxonomies

    M&S Dictionary Project, Terminology

    Cognitive & Emotive


    Cognitive and Emotive Simulations: Personality, Perception, Anticipation, Emotions

    M&S Formalisms:

    Advanced Methodologies and Normative Views, Discontinuity, Model update, Multimodels, Multisimulation, Personality Update, Agents with Personality Update

    Agent-Directed Simulation, AI and Simulation

    M&S Reliability:

    Quality assurance

    Turkish: Bilişimde Özenli Türkçe
    Active Positions at SCS  (The Society for Modeling and Simulation International)

    Active Positions at TBV (The Turkish Informatics Foundation)

    Other Activities: Employment history, Advising & consulting, Positions in organizations
    Distinctions:  Awards, honors, Who's Who and on-line references
    Some citations about his scientific work


    Modeling and Simulation, ADS (Agent-directed Simulation)

    Simulation, Education and Training
    (Simulation for Education and Training, Simulation Education)

    Science-Engineering, Human and Social Sciences, Civilizations
    Conflict and Peace Studies, Other Resources

    Active Positions at SCS  (The Society for Modeling and Simulation International)
                                                   (Member since late 1960s)

    Active Position at SimSummit:
         Representative of the M&SNet as a member organization at SimSummit

    Active Positions in Turkey:

          at TBV  (The Turkish Informatics Foundation)

                  (last update: 2008-12-03)