Modeling and Simulation Body of Knowledge (M&SBOK)


The M&SBOK is being developed under the auspices of

The Society for Modeling and Simulation International (SCS)


updated and © by: Dr. Tuncer Ören - 2008-06-04


Terminology: Types of Behavior & Terms Related with Behavior



active behavior
adaptive behavior
aleatory behavior
anticipatory behavior
assessment of behavior generation technique
autonomous behavior
basic behavior
behavior abstraction
behavior analysis
behavior complexity
behavior concentration
behavior data base
behavior display
behavior documentation
behavior emergence
behavior evaluation
behavior generation
behavior generation technique
behavior generator
behavior generator parameter
behavior graph
behavior morphism
behavior processing
behavior representation
behavior rule
behavior space
behavior specification
behavior variable
behavioral  anticipation
behavioral abstraction
behavioral characteristic
behavioral comparison
behavioral complexity
behavioral dependency
behavioral domain
behavioral equivalence of systems
behavioral hierarchy
behavioral microsimulation model
behavioral model
behavioral model comparison
behavioral model fidelity
behavioral modeling
behavioral relation
behavioral self organization
behavioral simulator
behavioral substitutability
behaviorally anticipatory
behaviorally anticipatory decision
behaviorally anticipatory system
behaviorally substitutable
behaviorally-anticipatory model
catastrophic behavior
comparison of  behavior
complex behavior
congruent behavior
constructive emotional behavior
counter intuitive behavior
crowd behavior
cyclic behavior
derived behavior
desired behavior
dynamic behavior
emergent behavior
emerging behavior
emotional behavior
emulated behavior
entity behavior
ergodic behavior
erroneous behavior
expected behavior
fault behavior
faulty behavior
future behavior
generative behavior
group behavior
human behavior
human behavior modeling
human behavior representation
inactive behavior
individual behavior
intelligent behavior
interactive behavior
involuntary emotional behavior
knowledgeable behavior
learned behavior
model behavior
model behavior fitting
model behavior ontology
model's behavior
multitasking behavior
non-dynamic behavior
non-ergodic behavior
normative behavior
observed behavior
organizational behavior
parasitic behavior
past behavior
periodic behavior
point behavior
predictable behavior
proactive behavior
public behavior
rational behavior
reactive behavior
repetitive behavior
simulated behavior
stable behavior
static behavior
steady behavior
structural behavior
symbiotic behavior
system behavior
system's behavior
system's observed behavior
temporal behavior
trajectory behavior
transient behavior
trigger behavior
unpredictable behavior
user behavior
user behavior model