M&SBOK Modeling and Simulation Body of Knowledge


Desirable Synergies of M&S with

System Theories, Software Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence


last update and  by: Dr. Tuncer ren: 2007-06-11



Table 1  Possible Synergies of Simulation, System Theories, Software Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence


Contribution of



Modeling & Simulation

System Theories

Basic tool of inquiry for complex problems

Software Engineering

Simulation of software, hardware

Paradigm for module interfacing

Artificial Intelligence

Simulation for AI:

 - Cognitive simulation (i.e., simulation of intelligent entities)

Simulation for agents

 - Agent simulation (i.e., simulation of entities modeled as agents)

System Theories

Modeling & Simulation

Bases for system design, analysis

Advanced modeling formalisms

Bases for symbolic model processing

Software Engineering

Formalisms to design complex software systems as special cases of

 methodologies to design complex systems

Artificial Intelligence

Bases for modeling cognitive systems such as, learning systems, understanding systems, and goal-directed systems.

Software Engineering

Modeling & Simulation

Computer-aided modeling

Simulation program generators

Software architectures for modeling and simulation

Modeling smart systems (systems/machines/mechanisms) which can

 perform their functions better with the knowledge processing

 abilities, even though their main functionalities are not knowledge


System Theories

Computerization of system theoretic concepts (in modeling, in

 model processing): CAST Computer-aided System Theory.

Application of software engineering concepts in system theories

 (e.g., model robustness, model integrity)

Artificial Intelligence

Software for AI applications

Artificial Intelligence

Modeling & Simulation

AI for simulation:

 - AI-supported simulation (for user/system interfaces)

 - AI-based simulation (for the generation of model behavior, e.g.,

  rule-based simulation, qualitative simulation)

Agents for simulation:

 - Agent-supported simulation (for user/system interfaces)

 - Agent-based simulation (for the generation of model behavior)

Modeling intelligent systems (systems/machines/mechanisms )

 which can perform their functions better with the advanced

 knowledge processing abilities, even though their main

 functionalities are not knowledge processing.

System Theories

Intelligent models  (Several types of intelligence)

Software Engineering

Intelligent software; AI in software life cycle