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By Dr. Tuncer ren


                             Simulation for Education and Training

  • Simulation in Education and Training
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  • Virtual Labs and Education
  • WISER - Peter M. Winter Institute for Simulation Education and Research (Medical)

  •                              Simulation Education  

  • University Level Simulation Courses in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

                                  Simulation Education - Graduate Degree Programs: 



  • Magdeburg: University of Magdeburg, Department of Simulation and Graphics

  • India

  • Pune: University of Pune, Advanced Diploma Programme in Modeling and Simulation


  • Riga: Department of Modelling and Simulation, Riga Technical University


  • Karlskrona: Blekinge Institute of Technology
        MSC in Mathematical Modelling and Simulation


  • Ankara: METU -Middle East Technical University

        Degree: Master of Science in Modeling and Simulation


  • Cranfield University: Defence Simulation and Modelling MSc/PgDip/PgCert
        Degree: Master


  • Arizona: Tempe: Arizona State University - Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering,
        Degree: Master of Engineering - Area of Study: Modeling & Simulation

  • California: California State University at Chico.
        Master of Science Degree in Simulation of  Science and Mathematics

  •     Master of Science Degree in Computer Simulation
        Certificate of Achievement in Simulation Science
  • California: Monterey: Naval Postgraduate School
        The MOVES (Modeling, Virtual Environments & Simulation) Institute
        Degree(s): Master of Science in Modeling and Simulation
                         Doctor of Philosophy in Modeling and Simulation

  • Florida: Orlando: University of Central Florida (UCF) (additional information)
        Graduate Studies: Modeling and Simulation Program
        Degree(s): Master of Science in Modeling and Simulation
                         Doctor of Philosophy in Modeling and Simulation

  •                      Graduate Certificate in Systems Simulation for Engineers
  • Georgia: Georgia Tech Modeling and Simulation Research and Education Center (MSREC)
        College of Computing, School of Aerospace Engineering, and the School of Industrial
        and  Systems Engineering
        Degrees: Master of Science in Modeling and Simulation

  •                   Certificate in Modeling and Computer Simulation

  • Michigan: Univ. of Michigan Simulation and Gaming Studies

  •     Degrees:  Masters, Ph.D.


  • Oregon: Portland State University
        Graduate Certificate in Computer Modeling and Simulation
  • Virginia, Norfolk: Old Dominion University
        VMASC (Virginia, Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center) M&S Graduate Program
        Degrees: Masters, Ph.D.

  • Virginia: CGEP (Commonwealth Graduate Engineering Program) Modeling and Simulation Systems


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