Modeling and Simulation Body of Knowledge (M&SBOK)


The M&SBOK is being developed under the auspices of

The Society for Modeling and Simulation International (SCS)


updated and © by: Dr. Tuncer Ören - 2008-06-04

                                 M&S: Technology

Main issues in M&S technology are outlined in the following table:

Table -  Main Issues in M&S Technology


Main Issues in M&S Technology


Conventional computing

Web computing

Grid computing

Mobile computing

Artificial Intelligence

Rule-based systems, knowledge-based systems, expert systems

Soft computing

Software agents (intelligent agents, emotional agents)

Agent-directed simulation (agent simulation, agent-supported simulation; agent-based simulation)

M&S tools and environments

M&S tools

M&S environments

Simulative CAPSE (Computer assisted problem solving environments) with simulation abilities.

User/system interfaces

Front-end interfaces

Back-end interfaces


Some desirable features in computerization are:

- Reusability of software with ties to reusability of specifications

- Composability

- Interoperability: HLA necessary but not sufficient

- Integrated composable M&S ability

Ören and Yilmaz (2005) elaborated on the quality principles for the ergonomics of human-computer interfaces of M&S software.