CSI 5387: Machine Learning
Project Description

Project Proposal (3-5 pages) Due: February 13, 2006
Final Project Report Due: Last Day of Classes
Presentation: Weeks 13 and 14
Demo (optional): By Appointment


In this project, you are expected (1) to select a particular area of Machine Learning that interests you, (2) to conduct a literature search on this area, (3) to focus on a specific problem in the area you selected, and (4a) to design and implement a novel learning scheme or (4b) to extend an existing scheme to deal with the problem you have identified. Alternatively (4c), you can compare the performance of different existing schemes on the specific problem you have identified in (1), (2) and (3) or on a particular real-world data set (but not one of the benchmark data sets such as those in the UCI repository: such a data set must be of interest to industry or research).

It is important to start working on this project as soon as the semester begins. I suggest that you start reading the textbook, some of its suggested follow-up material, conference proceedings, journals, and papers available from the Web, early enough to settle quickly on a subject of interest to you. I will be available for discussions both before the project proposal is due and after that, during the development of your research.

In order to help you select a topic, here is a list of project suggestions though you are more than welcome to propose your own idea.

Project Suggestions